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I believe the same concepts apply for beginners to professional players on the PGA Tour. I educate and coach golfers through a strategic process to play their best golf.

I first learned the game after moving to Yuma, AZ. I was self taught with the guidance of my local PGA Professional. After receiving a golf scholarship and later playing with the best players on the PGA Tour, I learned the key concepts that are extremely simple and make golf a lot more enjoyable for golfers of all ability levels.

Coaching Style

Player Development

Traditional golf instruction includes technical coaching. Just like other sports, golfers need to train a specific way to improve their performance on the course. I include educational, practice plans and other resources for my players so they have every opportunity to be the best player they want to be.

Skill Development

The missing link for most golfers is the ability to apply technique training from golf lessons into skills on the course to shoot lower scores. I combine skill development practice with all lesson programs

Why me?


I have been fortuante to be around world-class players and coaches. As a player I have played at the highest level on the PGA Tour, which gives me invaluable insight I can share with all players.


I’m a very logical person, and it is important that not only I but also my players fully understand their game and the process for improvement. By implementing my masters degree in sport psychology for peak performance, we are able to optimize each players potential.


Easy drills and exercises are provided to all players to apply what they learn from lessons into their game quickly.

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The Players Coach

PGA Director of Instruction

Blast Golf Ambassador

Partners & Affiliates

Being a great coach is practicing what you preach. I only endorse equipment that I trust and use in my game. With these great partnerships, I am able to share my experiences and knowledge with all ages and ability levels.


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