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I have been fortunate throughout my golf career to be around some of the best golf coaches in the world. During my college career I realized my true passion lies in helping golfers of all ages and abilities to play better golf.

Growing up in Yuma, AZ there was not much guidance or mentorship in the game of golf. I was lucky to have a head golf professional that played college golf at Arizona State University that taught me the basic golf fundamentals and let me go figure out how to play the game on the course. This instilled confidence and belief in myself and how I played the game.

When I arrived on campus at Pepperdine University for my freshman year, my golf game began to suffer. This is because I did not have true confidence in my skills. This led me to searching (as most golfers do) in all the wrong areas. I sought out the “best golf instructors” in the Los Angeles area. 3 of them being rated top 50 instructors by Golf Digest. I thought I was on the right track and boy was I wrong!

After many golf lessons to “fix my swing”, I arrived at my breaking point during the USC intercollegiate. This field was packed with some of the best teams in the country; Stanford, UCLA, USC, ASU, among many others. The final round I shot an 85, yes 85!!! As a scholarship NCAA D1 golfer this was beyond unacceptable. Luckily I was playing with an old friend from junior golf that day that led me to Neale Smith. Neale is the former performance coach of Jason Day and many other PGA Tour winners.

Neale got me back to the right frame of mind through simple practice strategies. He also helped me structure a plan to complete at home. I realized the mindset practice at home for 20 minutes each day led to more improvement than spending 3 hours at the golf course working on my technique!

When I began my coaching career, I reached out to Neale to mentor me so I could develop the skill set necessary to help other golfers that have the same struggles as me. Through his guidance and mentorship I have established a program to train players no matter what the location through practice planning, preparation, fundamental techniques and mental game strategies.  

After a brief stint of playing professionally, my coaching resume includes coaching D1 golf at Rice University, Ohio State University and now Director of Performance at Golf Performance Group in Houston, TX

I hope to share with you my experiences and coaching that comes with an implementation plan for proven results! 

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Experiences & Mentors

Neale Smith
Coach of many PGA Tour winners including Jason Day and Hunter Mahan

Chris Como
PGA Tour swing instructor, most notably – Tiger Woods. While he was my swing coach, I learned the key principles of my golf swing and how to produce power and consistency

Al Geiberger
“Mr. 59”, while at Pepperdine, his son was my golf coach. Al taught me the simplicity of the golf swing, that led to him being known as one of the best swingers of the golf club of all time

Michael Putnam
PGA Tour player, teammate at Pepperdine University that had the most efficient practice routines I have ever seen

Charlie Beljan
PGA Tour winner and good friend since childhood that proved hitting range balls wasn’t that important. Because of his back injury in college, he could not hit any range balls yet achieved #1 in D1 college rankings and later won on the PGA Tour

Hunter Mahan
PGA Tour winner, teammate at the World Junior Golf Cup at St. Andrews, Scotland.

Donnie Darr
Oklahoma State Golf Coach, in my time coaching at Ohio State University, I learned from his experiences coaching Rickie Fowler and numerous other PGA Tour players. They had a process and kept it simple!

Many more experiences that are discussed in our practice plans

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