Feet together tempo drill

Best golf Drill Ever!

Tempo and transition is arguably the most important element to create consistently solid shots. But how do we practice good tempo? This drill below fixes so many flaws with many of my students without thinking about mechanics.

Feet together tempo drill – see below for instructions

Slowly progress to full swing by warming up with this drill first

Start with 1/2 swings – 10 shots

3/4 swings with feet together – 20 shots

Focus on consistent temp0 – same pace on backswing and same pace on follow through. Swing tempo should feel like 60% of your full speed.

Heels of feet touching – this makes you focus on balance

Ball position directly in the middle of the stance

Benefit of this drill 

Improve timing of swing sequences

Improve contact – because your stance is narrow, it makes you stay centered and in balance, increasing your chances of consistent solid hits.

Improve balance – with your feet close together it is hard to keep your balance

Club path – I have seen many students be all over the place with their golf swings when they take a full stance and swing. When they stay centered, which this drill requires, your path will get dialed in.

Before going out to play – Hit 15 shots warming up on the driving range before going out to play!

Option 2 for good transition
Gabe Swing Training Aid (Used by 35 Tour pro’s daily to warm up!)

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