Impact Drill at Home


→ Develop good impact at home, because you don’t change swing positions (especially impact) at full swpeed!

Step by step instructions

This drill is great to improve your impact position on full swings in order to compress the golf ball, hit it farther, straighter with more spin.

  1. Grab a golf club, preferably a short to mid iron (7-iron would be perfect)
  2. Find a door fram
  3. Set up properly with the club had against the door frame as if it was a golf ball
  4. Follow the instructions provided in the video below
  5. Do 3 sets of 10 repitions
    1. After you do one rep, make sure to come back to set up in a neutral position
    2. Perform 10 of these in a row
    3. take a break for a couple minutes
    4. Begin your second step.
  6. Do NOT rush through the reps, perform movements at a slow pace to ensure you do it PERFECTLY

Drill Demonstration from the Coach

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