RD – Golf Mental Game Tools

Golf Mental Game Tools 

Research studies show that training your brain in the following areas are essential to achieving peak performance in sport:

  1. 3 Critical Goal Setting Techniques
  2. JournalingWhy is this important?
  3. Visualization, Breathing, and Relaxation Techniques
  4. Proper Practice and Preparation – Simulating Competition
  5. Power of Routines
  6. Confidence, Motivation, and Focus
  7. Golf Specific Health & Fitness
  8. Translating Practice to Success on the Course and in Competition
  9. Application of Knowledge

9 Week’s To Improve Your Mental Performance

What mental game area is your weakness?
Instructions: Fill out the form below, in the last box write down what area of the mental game you are struggling with. Choose from the list of 9 Mental Game Tools above. I will then send you a complimentary mental game training tool that will help you improve in that area!

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