RD – Golf Performance Strategies

Train your mindset like the pros

FocusBand is the #1 motion based brain training system on the PGA Tour.

The FocusBand enables you to self regulate your emotional levels. With simple breathing exercises you watch your progress on the avatar.  Now you are able to view and verify your shift to a calmer state.

Integration with FlightScope.

Get detailed side-by-side analysis of your mental state from setup through impact along with your swing and ball flight data in FlightScope.





Perform Better Under Pressure.

Mental Game Training

⇒  Achieve peak performance. Training the golf swing is not enough!

⇒  Identify and improve your natural patterns

⇒  Translate practice to success on the course

⇒  Learn the mental performance process and strategies used by PGA Tour Winners

⇒  Key fundamental tools performed daily to build mental performance

⇒  Evaluation of 4 senses to improve your practice efficiency.

⇒  Develop confidence and focus that transfers under pressure


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