Golf Yardage Books

For competitive golfers, making your own yardage books is very beneficial to saving strokes on the course. You can buy yardage books in most pro shops but those are generic, at our golf school we buy blank yardage books and teach players how to map the course.

Main keys when mapping the golf course:

→ Identify the yardages to the widest spot of the fairway

→ Which side of the fairway/ green do you want to favor

→ Draw in the slopes of the greens. Pace of to each ridge, and if the green ends in certain spots, pace off to the end of the green on those lines

If you map out the golf course correctly, you will notice there are lots of safe places to hit the golf ball! You need to be aware and take the time to walk the golf course and map it out your self. 

Below you will see we ran out of yardage books and wrote in a small note book. 

Agenda this week:
1. Map out your home golf course in a note book or blank yardage book. See examples below ↓

Golf Yardage Book

Example par 5

golfers yardage book

Example hole

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