Mental Tool 5: Power of Routines

Consistent routines might be the most important trait a golfer can develop. When I was at a College Golf Fellowship retreat at Lee Janzen’s house my sophomore year of college, I had the opportunity to meet David Gossett, former US Amateur Champion and PGA Tour Winner.

David told me the importance of time management and by writing down your daily routine/schedule the night before would help you stay consistent with your academy and golf practice. I took his advice and began to write down each hour of my day the night before. ↓PracticeCalendar


As you can see on the right, I wrote out my entire practice plan for the day. You can expand on that and write out your complete day including your school and work schedule.

I challenge you to write down your practice the night prior. Do this for 7 straight days and be as detailed as possible. I promise you will notice you accomplish a lot more when you have a plan going into practice compared to just showing up with the plan in your “head”.

Checklist each day this week:

Write out practice plan before arriving at the course –

M__ T__ W__ T__ F__ S__ S__

Next: we will address pre and post shot routines.

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