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Elevate your game with your own custom golf swing lesson

I understand everyone has a busy schedule, so I have put together a simple system to improve golfers while they are on the go.

Golf Coaching at Your Convenience
The online golf lesson is equivalent to a one hour private lesson with me. I never give more than 2-3 swing changes in a lesson. Throughout my time as a coach, I have developed many golf drills and videos that improve players swings when they are on their own.

With your video lesson, you will have access to your specific drills and a custom step-by-step practice plan for one month in your online golf training space I use with all of my golfers online or in person. You can access your videos, notes, drills and practice plan from anywhere on your mobile, tablet or computer!

Locker Practice Questions

Take Golf Lessons from Anywhere!

Instructions for sending your video⇓

Step 1, Film your video from any smart phone or tablet

Step 2, Take one video from down the line. This is from directly behind the golfer, the came angle directly down their feet line, level with their hands at address. (See pictures below)

Step 3,  Take one video from face on. This is directly in front of your chest. This angle allows me to see if you are turning properly in order to hit the ball consistently solid and utilizing all of your power.  (Picture above, left side of picture)

Step 4, Send videos in an email to 
Subject line: “New Swing Analysis”
If you have any questions in particular about your swing or game, please include it with your email.

→ Allow 48 hours for your video to be returned to you


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