Phase 1: Introduction to Golf Fundamentals

Phase 1: Introduction to Golf Fundamentals

Phase 1 will be a brief introduction into golf fundamentals that will prepare you as you get ready to start your golfing journey. The biggest thing about golf is to have fun and enjoy the process. This course will address all the aspects for you to know exactly what to do before you play your first round of golf on the course.

how to book a tee time

Helpful Online Golf Tee Time Links
The links below typically have the best prices for tee times  

How to Book a Tee Time

The first thing you want to do is find a golf course that you would like to play. Once you have found one, there will be a phone number for the pro shop or even a ‘Book a Tee Time’ where you can book it that way. Booking it over the phone is a better way because you know for sure that it has been booked. You will tell them what time you would like to play and when. If they don’t have your time available, ask for the next available time.

What to wear to the golf course
Men’s and Women’s Golf Clothes

What to Wear to the Golf Course

Men: no jeans or jean shorts. You should wear nice shorts with a collar on them. A collared shirt is typically mandatory and belt to make yourself look presentable once you arrive to the golf course. A hat or visor is also another important item to have to keep the sun out of your eyes since you will be on the course for more than 4 hours when playing a round.
Women: any golf skirt that is no shorter than a dollar bill measured from the top of the knee. Women can also find any collared or golf shirts here:golf clothes

Values of golf

Values of Golf

Golf is a game that requires respect not only to your playing partners but also to the golf course. This means that when playing your round there is no swearing, no damaging the golf carts in anyway, and damaging the golf course (no club throwing or slamming clubs into the ground).
Golf is all about honesty. When playing with other players at the course you are required to be honest about your scores. If you made a bogey 5 and your playing partner asks if you made a 4, you must be honest and correct him/her that you in fact made a 5.
Character and Relationship Building
One of the greatest things about golf is building relationships with your fellow playing partners. If you are out there having a great time and not getting mad and disrespectful, you will build friendships that can last a lifetime. You will now have playing partners, which will make it fun when you plan to play during the week or during the weekend.

What to have in the golf bag

What to Have in the Golf Bag

It is important have a variety of items when you arrive to the golf course so that you are ready to play. Sunscreen is important because you will be outside in the sun for over 4 hours at times. Even though most golf courses supply you with golf tees, it might be a good idea to have some of your own. Another important thing to bring to the golf course are snacks (snacks that will keep you feeling good while playing). This doesn’t mean bringing Snickers, Twinkies, or chocolate. You want to bring snacks such as apples, bananas, or almonds. These snacks will help you feel full and keep your energy up.

checking into the proshop

What to do When You Arrive at the Golf Course

Check into the pro shop. If you don’t know where the pro shop is located you can ask one of the outside service workers and they will direct you into the right direction. Once you get into the pro shop you will want to check in and ask when the next tee time is available (if you have not already called in and made a tee time). If this is your first time playing that course, ask the pro shop for a course map so that you will know where to go once you begin to start your round. (This will be reviewed in Week 3 of ‘Going to the Golf Course’).

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