Is a practice plan better than Golftec?

The most successful golf business is Golftec. Why? Because they are great marketers! And they do a few things in their indoor lessons. Overall, the development you get there is limited.

How good can you get at golf hitting into a net at every lesson? Not very. The turf, only thinking about swing technique, does not transfer you to being an athlete on the golf course. The turf allows you to miss hit the ball, yet the club will bounce into it, creating a great shot. Hitting into a net every golf lesson trains you to only think about golf technique, which if you have read most of my material or completed a practice plan, you know that technique is a minor part of the battle to play your best golf! Golftec is great at marketing their golf gadgets and making it seem cool, and getting players in the door. What they are not good at is teaching you HOW to play the game on the golf course. Doesn’t shooting lower scores on the course the objective? So why would you spend the majority of your time working on swing technique inside? Get out and play golf!

What is good about hitting into a net? Changing technique! Similar to at home practice drills that I suggest, swing changes should be made indoors. When you are at the driving range or on the course, you want to be focused on hitting shots and being an athlete. On the golf course it is all about pre and post shot routines in order to have the best chance at executing each shot. Does anyone know if Golftec locations are equipped with mental game coaches or an agenda to guide you through every aspect of player development? Do they have a complete process or is it just golf swing? I don’t believe they do, but please let me know if I am wrong!

To recap – 

What is good about Golftec:

 – Can make swing changes more quickly inside
 – They use a phone app to help you set a practice plan

What is not good about Golftec:

– It is nearly all INSIDE. They say they go out, but that is rare. Most of your work is inside looking at video and changing techniques
– You are hitting off a mat every lesson
– It’s all about golf swing (what about course management, short game shots with different lies, putting and green reading on different slopes?)

Overall I woundn’t recommend a golfer that wants to play well to go to Golftec. Seek a coach that has wisdom on how to play golf better, and will monitor your game fundamentals, then find a process that teaches you how to practice properly every day!

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