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Final Helpful Tips

  1. Recruiting Calendars
  1. The Student-Athlete’s Four Tools for Success
  • Physical Conditioning – You need to train to become an above average athlete in your sport and set yourself above the pack.
  • Academic Performance – Be competitive in your academic work as you are in your athletic pursuits. The “Student” part of the Student-Athlete equation carries equal importance. Work hard in the classroom and get whatever help you need to achieve a respectable GPA and avoid being a high-risk student athlete.
  • Tournament Participation – Play in the right leagues and tournaments to improve your chances of being seen by college recruiters.
  • Work the GPG 10-Step Recruiting Process – Take the proactive approach for coaches to know about you and your skill set. If you notify them about your skills before going to a tournament it is more likely that you will make their list of players to watch at the tournament. Also ensure you have your “ducks in a row” before contacting these coaches. First impressions are important!
  1. Some Final Tips to Qualify for an Athletic Scholarship:
  • There is no magic potion that is going to get you a scholarship. There is a right way (proactive approach by the student-athlete) and a wrong way (being passive or paying for a service that provides for mass emailing of coaches for you) to go about the recruiting process. By using this guide, you will make sure you touch every necessary step in a timely fashion until you sign that National Letter of Intent!
  • Reference the NCAA manual to make sure you are on track to be eligible academically, by taking the correct courses throughout high school. This NCAA manual can be found at
  • Prepare for your SAT/ACT test. Sign up for preparation courses by talking with your school counselor or visit
  • Train like a college athlete – find a qualified trainer in your town. The most beneficial training is sports-specific, performance training.
  • Get started on the recruiting process early! Right after your freshman season start building a resume and letter to send to coaches. You want to be verbally committed by your junior year!


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