The Short Game Plan

Goal: Establish a score in the short game plan

Main Focus: Chipping and Pitching
Maintenance: Full Swing & Putting

Download Week 5 Checklist

Short Game Practice

Golf Course

Chipping Practice 

  1. Green side basic chip shots (10 minutes). From 2 steps off the green surface.
    1. Switch up clubs and distances of shot
  2. Chip/Putt for score: Play 20 holes with goal set at 14/20 up and downs. Vary lies from difficult to easy including uphill and downhill, tight and buried. Simulate golf course pressure.

Pitching Practice

  1. Warm-up (10 minutes). Can implement impact ball for warming up pitch shot technique.
  2. Distance control: Hit to targets of 30, 40, 50 yards. 10 shots to each target = 30 shots
  3. Trajectory: Hit to targets of 30, 40, 50 yards. High and low, 10 shots of each = 30 shots
  4. Poor lies: 30 yards and less (5-7 minutes). 5 balls from each bad lie before moving to another lie/shot
  5. 9 holes with goal set of 5/9 up and downs from various lies, difficult to easy.

Putting Practice

Make 10 in a row from 3 feet

Play 5 holes for score from 15 – 40 feet, putt everything out.

Add on: Play with a friend and increase the pressure. This simulates playing on the golf course!


Full Swing Practice

25 balls feet together drill

15 balls with 7 iron going through complete pre shot routine and set up

10 balls with driver focused on the transition at top of the swing tempo

At Home Practice

What I learned today worksheet
Full Swing Practice
Gabe Swing Trainer – 40 swings

Alignment sticks from 10 feet – 30 putts
Putting arc – 50 strokes

Short Game Impact Drills
5 sets of 5 in door frame
15 shots with impact ball
20 pitch shots over impact bag

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