Turn in posture golf swing

Learn how to turn correctly in the golf swing for more power, less injuries

Tiger Woods has withdrawn from this weeks PGA Tour event. With all of Tigers back issues it got me thinking about how most amateurs do not turn properly which leads to back issues in the long run.

There are a few simple drills that you can do at home and at the golf course to ensure you are turning properly. Not only will this save your back and allow you to extend your golf career but will also allow you to hit the ball solid consistently, with more power.

How to turn properly in the golf swing

Step 1 – set up in an athletic position
⇒ Feet shoulder width apart (for mid iron club)
⇒ Weight centered in your feet
⇒ Slightly bent at the knees and hips
⇒ Shoulder, hips and feet all down your intended target line
⇒ Hands hang directly from your shoulders

Step 2 – turn your shoulders back
⇒ Old school methods told us to keep our hips stable and sway into our back foot. This is wrong and creates a lot of health and golf issues. Let your hips turn while you swing the club back and shoulders turn. At the top of swing, when shoulders are at 90 degrees, you have made a full turn, your hips should’ve turn around 50 degrees while staying centered (not swaying.

Step 3 – sequence, transition smoothly as you start your down swing
⇒ Good smooth transition at the top of the swing (pause) before starting down swing
⇒ Lower body (hips) start slightly before the arms fall and shoulders turn back through.
* Most golfers get really quick at the top, creating poor sequence and transition, which makes it difficult to turn properly on the way through

Step 4 – stay in posture through impact
⇒ Most players are in a hurry to see where the ball goes. Trust your swing and stay in posture until your momentum forces you to come up to a full finish.
* Make sure to still transfer your weight. There is a huge myth out there “Keep your head down”. We hate hearing this, because people will still come out of posture but will not turn through correctly and transfer their weight

Turn In Posture Drill

Below is a drill to help you stay in posture. Included are pictures with a video of myself doing a drill that you can do at home or the office!

Instructions for drill – club in elbows

⇒ Set up to the golf ball, with middle ball position
⇒ place a club in the elbow creases of your arms
⇒ make sure you are in a good, athletic set up position
⇒ Turn your shoulders to 90 degrees. Your left shoulder (for right handers) should turn under your chin. Make sure not to sway or reverse pivot. The butt of the club should be pointing at the golf ball if you have the right amount turn, while staying in posture.
⇒ Turn back down through and make the other side of the club point at the golf ball. You have now completed 1 repetition of the drill.
⇒ Do 3 sets of 10 reps at a slow speed. Try to pause for 1-2 seconds when in each position where the club is pointing at the ball.

Add on to drill 1 – Mirror Work

golfmirrorIt is best to have a mirror in front of you to ensure you are doing it correctly. Set up like described above, face on to a full length mirror. If you are still unsure of how to turn properly, contact your coach!

There are so many different ways that players manipulate the turn going back that leads to poor contact, loss of power and ultimate back injuries. Below, I have shown a few examples of how to turn back correctly, as well as examples of poor backswings.




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