What I Learned Today

We previously discussed Jason Day and how he journals during each practice. This step will show you what you need to write down after each time you practice. Feedback is crucial for development. If you can write down after every round of golf or practice, you will speed up your improvement!

Questions to answer after each golf practice or round:

Name: _________________            Day # _____________            Date:__________________


Every day is an opportunity to learn something about yourself and your game. What did you learn today about your…

Mental Game:




Pre- Shot Routine:




Post-Shot Routine/ Self-Talk:



























Overall Quality of Practice:



After reviewing your answers, you may need to restructure your practices accordingly. The goal is to always improve. By answering these questions, you will better identify areas you need to improve.

If you have a coach that can help you work through your feedback that would be great. If not, email me to set up a private consultation at a discounted rate!

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