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Plan for Improvement

“A goal without a plan is just a wish”
Through decades of playing and coaching golf at all levels I have come up with the perfect plan to help players of all skill levels improve their putting. 

This practice putting plan is structured in a strategic way to enhance your learning experience. The process is laid out for you to eliminate the guessing and experimenting that leads to golfers not improving. You will be surprised at how easy it is to improve quickly!

Practice Plans



Get Started Right

Establish Baseline

Not all golfers are built the same. The biggest mistake coaches make is rushing into a lesson without taking time to understand the players history, strengths and weaknesses. I do not try to mold golfers to a certain style, rather understand what their strengths are and enhance their technique through proven methods. 

Go to baseline test download and instructions


Proper Practice


putting drill

Practice Efficiently

Putting is so simple, but the way golfers practice putting translates into poor performance on the golf course. The putting stroke is small and simple that 

Step 1 : Indoor Practice
Step 2: Outdoor Practice

Champion Mindset


It’s amazing how a proper mindset can transform putting performance. Good news, theres a way you can train your mindset! Within this aspect I will teach you key mindset techniques through drills, at home exercises and pre shot routine that will lead to making more putts 


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