Speed power contact sequence

Golf practice must have attention to detail, purpose, goal and structure.

This practice will focus on
⇒ Establish Solid Contact
⇒ Speed Sequence

Step 1, Establish Solid Contact

Why do pitch shots improve impact over full swing practice?

It is slower and smaller, which allows you better feel to ensure you are doing the proper technique. When you speed up the swing and make a longer back swing, players tend to do different things that put them in bad positions. They then have to manipulate the down swing and their impact position suffers as a result.

1. Creates proper impact position
2. You will compress the golf ball = more distance, more control

Warm Up Correctly to Improve Solid Contact

Drill 1 – Start small, pitch shots

– Warm up with pitch shots (add impact ball for better results).
– 20 pitch shots, 20 -40 yards distance
– 30 pitch shots, ladder drill warm up for full swing practice.  Hit 50, 60, 70 yard shots with your wedge (whichever club you would use from this distance on the golf course). Hit 1 one ball to the 50 yard target, 1 ball to the 60 yard target, 1 ball to the 70 yard target. Then go back down the ladder, 70, 60, 50. Repeat this process 10 times for a total of 30 shots.The first step in hitting it solid is to START SMALL.

Proper Pitch Shot Technique

1. Set up square to slightly open stance with your feet

2. Get the ball position center of your stance

3. Limit the amount of movement in your lower body – a steady foundation (lower body) improves your consistency of contacting the ball solid.

4. Turn properly without swaying your legs or any up and down movement with your upper body

5. Relax and swing your arms as your body turns

6. Be confident and accelerate through the shot

Every golfer should warm up with at least 25 shots with pitch shots from 20-30 yards. You can start at the short game area at your course and improve your feel around the greens while improving your impact position.

Step 2, Sequencing For Speed

What Is Sequencing In The Golf Swing?

Sequencing is more commonly referred to as “timing”. There is different positions in the golf swing that all need to be synced with your body turn and arm swing.

The sequencing of your arms and body is crucial to optimizing your power and hitting solid shots. The Gabe swing trainer and impact ball are a great way to establish the correct positions for sequencing. The drill described below is a way to really advance your sequencing to create more power.

You will notice that on the PGA Tour, professionals have all different styles of golf “mechanics”, but they all have great sequencing in their golf swings. This allows them to use their natural athleticism to hit consistently solid shots.

Jason Day does this every morning before going to the golf course in order to build speed through proper sequencing.

Drill For Golf Swing Sequence



Instructions, Drill For Sequencing

1. 5 swings, swinging forward
2. 5 swings, swinging backwards
3. (3) full swing Drivers
This equals 1 set
Do 5 sets every day

* If you are not at the golf course, you can do this from home without the 3rd aspect.

– Grip the alignment stick like you would a golf club
– Set up like you would to a golf shot, keeping the alignment stick approximately 1 foot above the ground at address
– Turn in posture properly on the backswing
Swing as hard as you can on the follow through while staying in balance
– Repeat this for 5 swings
– Turn to the opposite hand (If right handed, swing left handed)
– Follow the same process as the previous 5 swings
– Hit 3 full swing drivers with that feel from the alignment stick swings
– Repeat this for 5 sets

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