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Indoor vs. Outdoor – When To Practice What?

Putting is a tiny stroke that should be simple to execute. For most, putting is the most difficult part of the game! Why is that? Because of the way they train their mind by practicing poorly.


Technique – Practice on putting technique should only be done indoors. When making changes to your putting stroke, grip or anything else that is mechanical, only do this inside! We want to train our brain to only worry about feel when we are at the golf course. If you can do drills inside, you will correct your flaws and have more fun when at the golf course!

*Instructions for the drills listed below can be found in the Online Training Center Performance Library

Technique Drills, Indoor 

  1. Putting Arc
  2. Mirror work
  3. Pill drill (If carpet or flooring allows)
  4. Alignment stick, set up
  5. Book, gate drill (or can use quarters)


  1. Affirmation statements
  2. Train2Bclutch App
  3. Get Psyched App
  4. Journaling
  5. Visualization, Breathing & Relaxation Exercises

Outdoor – Practice Green

When at the practice green at the course work on your feel and pre shot routine. Indoor drills are good to work on the technical aspect of putting, but nearly impossible to work on your feel. Most golfers only practice in a mechanical way which leads to them being mechanical on the golf course. Here are some great feel drills to practice when on the practice green.

Feel Drills

  1. Towel Drill
  2. Eyes Closed
  3. Stare at the hole
  4. One hand drill
  5. Starting line with gate or Pelz Putting Aid

Routine Drills

It is important that you practice your pre shot routine. I recommend using one ball and going through your complete routine before hitting each putt. Don’t be lazy, if you use a line on your ball – line it up before each putt on the practice green!

  1. Play 9 or 18 holes on the putting green
  2. Draw backs
  3. compete agains a friend
  4. Mental game score card for putting practice
Golf Course
When you are putting on the golf course in a round, your main focus should be on making putts! How do you make more putts? By focusing solely on your pre shot routine. Your pre shot routine should give you confidence and trust so you can execute!
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