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jj wood golf short game

Improve your Short Game

Anyone can learn to have a good short game!  As a college golf coach there is nothing more frustrating than watching your players struggle with their short game. The short game requires a small simple swing, which does not require much talent or athleticism. Sure, some players possess more talent with their short game such

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JJ Wood Trackman Training

Lower Your Scores

Lower Your Scores by Learning Your Game Before constructing a game plan to lower your scores and become a better golfer, you need to fully understand yourself as a golfer before you can make improvements. Lets get start your golf improvement by answering a few questions: Who are you as a golfer? Personality traits should

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Golf Swing Changes

Getting comfortable with golf swing changes When making golf swing changes, most people revert back to what’s comfortable. A few things you need to know before giving up on your new golf swing changes that will make you a better player in the long run: Changes take 6 months or longer Quit bouncing around to

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putting drill

Putting Ruler Drill

Putting ruler drill – start your ball rolling on the right line. Putting tip of the day! An easy way to learn how to start rolling your putts online is by grabbing a long metal ruler at your local hardware store and using it while you practice. Step 1. Get a five foot putt, that

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