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Internationals Recruits & JUCO Transfers NCAA v NAIA

The American educational system can be difficult to figure out for many international prospective athletes. What is the best option for international recruits?
What is best for you, NCAA or NAIA?
Transfers fight an up hill battle at times finding a 4 year college institution. Learn the best practices to find your best school when TRANSFERING from a JUCO or 4 Year school!

Golf Recruiting Terms, Rules & Academic Eligibility

Important Recruiting Terms

The following are important terms that both parents and students need to know while going through the college recruiting process. Using some of these terms during conversations with college coaches will show that you did your homework and are knowledgeable about the process.
Also Included, NCAA Division 1 Eligibility v NCAA Division 2

Step 6 of a College Golf Scholarship

Step 6: Write Your Cover Letter

Your cover letter will be used to transmit your resume and recruiting video and will be your first formal introduction to coaches. As such, it should be written to tell your personal story. Keep it focused and limit it to one page. Make sure you check and re-check spelling and grammar. Also, make sure to address each coach as: Coach (Last Name).

Since everyone comes from different backgrounds, this is your time….

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