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Transition in the golf swing

Golf Swing Fix Used by 35 PGA Tour Players. Swing Positions Are Great, But Smooth Transition Is Better Arguably the most important aspect of the golf swing is transition. I preach to all of my players the importance of set up, impact and tempo. All great players incorporate drills every day to practice these aspects and you […]

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Application of Knowledge

Below is an example from my last consultation with a client online in the Player Performance Program. This should give you an idea of the golf performance training tools and how you apply them to your ongoing training! Application of all the mental tools: It doesn’t matter what you learned if you don’t apply them

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Lesson 1 Setting Goals

Objective create a plan through goal setting and assessments Goal setting is key to improvement and reaching your potential.. Establish a road map for where you ultimately want to go. Instructions Download and write in your answers to the worksheets listed below. Remember, writing it down helps you learn faster! Detailed instructions will be on each

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understand your golf swing

Who are you as a golfer?

Shoot Lower Scores Without knowing the answer to this question, it will make it extremely difficult to improve as a golfer and shoot lower scores on the golf course. The first thing to recognize is that your personality traits should translate to behavior on golf course. If you walk slow in your everyday slow, walk

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Who Are You As A Golfer?

Objective → Understanding yourself better as a golfer → Self evaluation worksheet Mental Game Checklist Shoot lower scores by understanding your game Your personality traits in life should translate to how you play golf This step requires roughly 30 minutes at home or the office. The first goal in the mental game plan is to

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